1 Carp & Pike anglers must be in possession of a suitable landing net, unhooking mat, anti-septic and unhooking tools at all times and must be used
2 Minimum net size 36 inches
3 Use a carp/pike sack if only absolutely essential, maximum permitted sacking time permitted 10 minutes only
4 To kill virus's always dry your nets, weigh slings, carp sacks and unhooking mats thoroughly in the sun after use
5 Do not use long shank bent hooks
6 No fixed leads or any other rig that could tether a fish to be used
7 No keep nets for carp/pike
8 Pike anglers must use a minimum 30lb wire trace at all times
9 Minimum line strength 15lb
10 Barbless or crushed barbed hook only for pike and carp fishing
11 carp anglers are asked to observe The Carp Society's fish-care guidelines
12 Pike anglers are asked to observe The Pike Anglers Club of GB fish-care guideline.  Pike/carp anglers should have and use fish antiseptic