River Exe Exwick to Cowley

Exwick was at one time the Association’s premier match venue with 30lb match weights a regularewick01 occurrence. However, after flood prevention works in the 70’s a rapid decline in the fishing ensued, as a consequence there has been little angling pressure since, though good catches are again being reported, this is due in part to the Association’s re-stocking programme. Whilst the big match weights have not returned to the same levels as pre-flood prevention works, there is though good specimen chub, roach and dace to be caught. There have also been the occasional large carp being caught. In the winter months there is a steady, easily fished flow, whilst during the summer the flow is significantly reduced thereby offering easy trotting tactics with maggot; many anglers preferring to lightly groundbait and regular loose feed being introduced so as to hold the fish in their swim. There have been reports of anglers scoring well by fishing the small back eddies under the bank side after heavy rain and the resulting increased flow and coloured water.

Note: Their has been reports of the occasional barbel being caught from this stretch.

Directions: From the city centre take the Crediton road (A377). As you leave the city centre you will come to a clock tower in the middle of the road (bottom of Queen Street), continue on for 100 yards you will see a bronze statue of a horse and rider (General Buller), turn left here and head for St David’s Station. At the bottom of the long hill there are two mini roundabouts, continue across both, after 20 yards turn left and go across two railway crossings towards Exwick Village, immediately after the second crossing you will go over the River Exe bridge, parking is 20 yards down on the left adjacent to a small park.


  • As per the Association handbook

The Association fishing rights extend both banks upstream of the river bridge until the old mill, there is, however, a flood overflow wall separating part of it. Adjacent to the overflow wall there is a footbridge that crosses the river, the Association also has the fishing upstream from here (Station road to Cowley) past the opposite old mill, with a fence being our top boundary mark; this is near the bottom end of our Rivers Exe & Creedy fisheries at Cowley Bridge. Whilst downstream of the river/road bridge (by the level crossing), our fishing continues downstream, right hand bank as far as where the bank meets the railway bridge.

Note: The Association also has permission to fish the adjacent flood relief channel that runs from the upstream overflow wall and down to where the channel joins the Exe; fishing here is by kind permission of the Environment Agency.