E&DAA Competition Rules

  1. All Competitions will be fished at AT and E&DAA general fishing rules
  2. Entry to all competitions (Xmas match by ticket) must be prebooked by phoning Gary Thornton 01392 662056. Please note; no bookings will be accepted after 12 noon on the Saturday prior to the competition
    1. Entry to the Christmas match will be by ticket, available from local tackle shops or from the Match Secretary, posters will be displayed in agencies giving exact details
  3. Competitors are not permitted to fish the match pegs for 24 hours prior to all events (not applicable to private waters)
  4. Optional “Pools” will be available at all senior competitions, (not open to persons under the age of 16)
  5. Senior entry fee to club competitions will be £2.00 of which £1.00 will be retained for the “End of Series” cash prizes. 50p will be the basic peg fee and 50p will go towards the National Team expenses, or Christmas match
    1. Junior entry fee to club competitions will be the basic peg fee of £1.00, with prizes being in the form of vouchers
    2. Entry fees for Christmas match will be £10 senior and £1.00 junior, no prize money will be paid out
  6. All club competitions will be available to annual members only
  7. E&DAA permits must be shown at the draw or on request of an Association Bailiff
  8. The area opposite a listed match length plus 50 metres from the end pegs will be closed to fishing from midnight until the end of match
  9. Competitors will not be weighed-in if there is any litter in the area of their swim
  10. Anglers may, prior to the start of the match; plumb the depth, shot floats and mix groundbait
  11. Without prejudice the E&DAA reserve the right to refuse entry to any competitor
  12. Competitors failing to honour a match booking and have not previously cancelled will be banned from all future matches until the non-cancelled pef fee is paid
  13. At Kia-ora ponds the maximum weight in any one keep-net to be 50lb