General Fishing Rules

  1. Membership is restricted to holders of the Association’s current permit in the holder’s name
  2. A current statutory EA Rod Licence must be held by all members prior to fishing, two EA licences required if using 3 rods as per rule 16
  3. All Bye-laws and Agreements with riparian owners must be observed
  4. Members are obliged to co-operate with the Association’s Bailiffs when asked to do so.
  5. Angling in Association waters is restricted to rod and line methods only, the use of toxic substances or baits into waters is prohibited, all fish caught must be returned alive and in good condition
    1. White maggots can only be used on E&DAA Waters unless coloured with non toxic dyes.
    2. Lead shot or ledger weights, other than of approved size(s) are deemed to be toxic substances for the purpose of rule 5.
    3. Bloodworm and jokers are prohibited from 1st March – 31st October inclusive.
    4. Members are permitted to use and retain no more than 6 livebait in any 24 hour period; fish sizes must be below 6″ in lenght.
  6. All litter must be removed from Association waters and adjoining land left clean and tidy. Any litter in the vicinity of a member’s swim will be deemed to be their responsibility and must be removed; failure to comply with result in disciplinary action against offenders.
  7. Excessive noise or disturbance to others is prohibited
  8. The Association is not liable for any claims made against members arising from member’s negligence or the negligence of third parties
  9. Angling in Association waters is normally reserved for the use of members (unless previously arranged), in compliance with details published in the Association’s current “membership booklet” or as advertised from time to time
  10. Decisions for the Association can only be authorised by the Committee or Trust. Where a matter affects the Constitution of the Association a General Meeting of annual senior members will be convened to determine the issue before a decision is made
  11. All disputes in the affairs of the Association and other relevant queries shall be referred to the Hon. Secretary to seek a decision
  12. Without prejudice, the Association reserves the right to refuse membership and may, at the Committee/Trustee’s discretion, ban membership rights of any member found to be in serious breach of Association rules
  13. unless otherwise permitted, juniors will not be allowed to fish Association waters after dusk unless accompanied by a senior member, not more than two juniors to be accompanied by one senior member
  14. Anglers must not dig banks, light fires or damage trees on any Association water
  15. The use of gaffs is strictly prohibited
  16. Two rods maximum on any Association water except for Fenneck ponds one rod only. On the Exeter Canal, River Creedy and Weirfield 3 rods can be used year round, provided and on condition; all rods must be within one swim and must not interfere with other anglers, an additional EA licence is also required.
  17. Membership of the Association shall be deemed to be acceptance of its rules
  18. No fishing from boats on any E&DAA waters
  19. No overnight camping without a night fishing permit at Sampford Peverell, Abbrook Pond and Weirfield
  20. the officers of the Association being the President, Hon Sec, Treasurer, Trustees or any member of the Committee shall not incur any personal liability for any duties carried out on behalf of the Association and any officer so acting shall be indemnified from club assets