Carp Fishing

Carp anglers are well catered for with numerous waters on offer with quality carping available in and around the Exeter area, whilst nearly all have carp present some of the following waters are better suited for the dedicated carp angler:

River Exe – Weirfield Fishery

This stretch of river is an extremely popular haunt for local carp anglers, the most popular time for carp fishing at this venue being during the summer months when there is a good population of Carp in situ. The hard fighting river fish fall to most baits and rigs and in good conditions; multiple catches are possible with fish up to the 30lb mark. In the colder winter months, and provided the water levels are normal, good catches can be experienced even when fishing short sessions. Perhaps the only negative aspect of this water is the long walk from the nearest car park, hit it in the right conditions however, and the excellent carping on offer more than justifies the walk.

Sampford Peverell Ponds
The Sampford fishery consist of two small ponds; both adjacent to the main Exeter to London railway line, whilst they may be small in size they are though well stocked with carp. The first pond, next to the access road to the Tiverton Parkway Railway Station has all species present with carp up to 8lbs. The second pond is located on the other side of the railway line and stocked mostly with 100’s of small carp; whilst generally smaller fish are present than in the first pond, there have been however, reports of the occasional big fish to 7lbs. Sampford is not a difficult water to fish as the resident carp take most bait’s with no need to use any special rigs to catch.

Abbrook Pond
An excellent, long established carp fishery formed originally from an old clay pit and set in a mature, tree lined environment with dense lily pads in the surrounding margins. Abbrook offers good sport for intermediate carp angler with the resident fish going to low twenties. This well-stocked pond has attractive, rustic bridges offering access to the quiet backwaters & island. Whilst Abbrook could not be classed as an easy water; it is nevertheless suitable for all standards of carp anglers and ideally suited for the experienced Carper wanting a change of scene.

All 3 of the above waters need a night permit, Apply to the Head bailiff, 4 Diamond Rd, St Thomas, Exeter, EX2 DN, please enclose £5.00 a passport size photo a copy of your permit and a SAE, please allow up to 21 days for your permit to arrive.

Exeter Canal
The Canal is 6 miles long with an average depth of 12 feet throughout, offering good carp fishing for the adventurous carper with numerous 30’s having been caught, and a confirmed 40lb fish. There are loads of carp present – if you can find them! Due to its sheer size however, the Canal has the reputation of being extremely difficult, of the few carp anglers that do fish it, many believe it has the potential for a possible British record fish! On hot summer sunny days many “chunks” can be spotted cruising the surface, they are though, very nomadic. The Canal is a very under fished venue with hardly any carp angling pressure to speak of, definitely not easy, but very challenging for the dedicated carp angler with the possibility of catching a carp that has never seen a hook or been on the bank before – an unmatched and unique carp venue for the serious carper who wants a challenge.

Please note: Night angling on Sampford Peverell, Abbrook & Weirfield has a night fishing restriction see each water for details.