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AGM news!

Annual AGM News

There was a good attendance at this years AGM and there will be good news to follow when we update monthly committee reports. There were new committee members all of whom offer experience and diversity and are keen to take on the many challenges our association has been facing in recent years.

Keep an eye out here for more specific news coming soon.

We can say with renewed enthusiasm that news will include fish stocking (Exeter Canal) Maintenance works Kia Ora and you can rest assured the team will also be looking to generally improve things across the board. All issues are up for discussion including parking, swim clearance, Weed Problems, (Exeter Canal) Etc Etc positive comments are welcome and constructive criticism as long as not “attacking” We look forward to trying to improve the situation for all of our members and will continue to update you on progress.

Our Officials are as elected Roly Palmer (President) Duncan Hill (vice president) Phil Hoult (Membership Secretary) Bill Turner (Treasurer/Trustee) Paul Marks (Trustee) Vince Thorne (Water Manager) Kate Jarvis (Secretary) Terry Anderson (head bailiff) Wayne Mitchell (match secretary)

Your New Committee is as follows
Geoff Phillips, Bert Palfrey, Sev Gostynski, Paul Doran (Health & Safety) Danny Parkins (Website & Media) Rob Chapman, Graham Davie, Robert Moore, Mark Walker (Strategy Officer) Barry Marchant, Ray Bowden (Disability Officer) Dave Walton,

A good mix of anglers who all have a desire to move things forward. We very much look forward to the future of the club and we would like input from members so please do reach out if you have any questions or ideas as we are always open to hear all of your thoughts and ideas

Best regards