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Parking changes that effect anglers!

Here are the official anouncements from ECC regarding the parking changes intended for 1st April. Most notably for us are the charges at Turf Approach & Bromhams Playing Fields otherwise know as Clapperbrook. We have already sent letters to local MPs including Ben Bradshaw & hope to follow this up with letters of objection from our members. If you would like us to raise an objection using the details we hold for you then please respond to this post with a simple yes. We will do the rest and you will receive a copy of your objection via email. Next step is to post all contact details for local councillors and we would hope that you may flurry them with your dissapointment!!

please see attached documents of ECC proposal and our Clubs proposal of the situation moving forward

we need to all stand together here for the benefit of the club and angling in general

kind regards


committee-report-parking-tariffs-2020 270220

Advert for tariff change 2022