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Weed Growth and Bank side Cover

** Summer weed and bank side growth! **

Dear members we have noticed a few anglers that are raising the “weed” situation quite regularly…….

As a club we endeavour to try and manage our fisheries especially ones with designated swims etc but we also have fishing rights on a number of wild venues such as rivers and canals!

Although we fully appreciate some frustration on this matter but throughout the summer months we will always get vast growth of water based weed and of course bank side! Now if you as an angler come to a designated swim and feel it’s “overgrown” then by all means take a photo and contact us and we will try and review the swim or please do take 10-15mins to clear enough space for you to access water.

We as a club especially on the more wilder venues cannot clear every swim, nook and cranny so that anglers and wheel up and fish! A large part of angling comes from water crafts like swim prep from clearing your desired patch to even as much as raking swims……. We simply do not have the man power nor should we be running around clearing every spot when as a whole it’s part of the nature of fishing this time of year!
Weed growth in the canal for instance is completely out of our control for various reasons and unfortunately that is a inconvenience for some but it’s ultimately out of our control.

If you have genuine problems with fishing these areas then by all mean drop us a message and we will try and help out where we can. The limited volunteers and committee members who are out regularly to try and help provide you all with a great experience do their very best but we have to understand what some of these problems are out of our control.

Thanks again

EDAA team