Matches, Results

Match results and Points so far!

** Match results and Points so far **

Sundays match out Kia Ora – Gold pond. 11 anglers participated here’s the top results provided by Andy Bulled.

1st S Barrell 77lb 8oz
2nd D Atkins 62lbs 8oz
3rd M Branson 42lb 8 oz
4th G Parkin 32lb 8oz

League points now stand including Sundays results

Andy Bulled 66pts
Dan Atkins 56 pts
Kevin Dack 54 Pts
Steve Barrell 44 pts
Gordon Parkin 41 pts
Marc Whetnall 37pts
Marc Branson 34 pts
Steve Hayman 31 pts
Eddie Evans 25 pts
Graham Davey 23 pts
Kenny Cox 21 pts
Benny 17 pts