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Passing of the Guards


2022 – AGM – Passing of the Guards

Good afternoon Members this is a brief statement from the new President of the Exeter & District Angling Association regards to the changes of the elected committee from the clubs AGM on Wednesday the 14th September 2022.

My Name is Danny Parkins and I was elected the new President of Exeter and District Angling Association at the AGM. I am a keen angler and proud father who’s grown up fishing in and around mid Devon from a young age. I’ve been lucky enough to work in the angling industry for a number of years where I have a huge passion and love for the sport. I have also previously sat on the EDAA committee since the pandemic.

It’s a honour to take on this role and I very much look forward to working and meeting you in the very near future.

I would personally as well as the committee members past and present like to take this opportunity to thank Roly Palmer for his 25+ years service within our club. Roly has stepped down from the President position and will now be working in the background as our Vice President, his years of experience within the club are a wealth of knowledge and the club hugely appreciate his hard work past and present!

On a personal note it’s a privilege to step into these shoes and steer this ship moving forward taking on where Roly left to ultimately move EDAA onwards and upwards.

Also from the AGM Bill Turner our Treasurer has stepped down after 15+ years service, again we cannot thank you enough for the dedication and service you have given to everyone in the committee and the club. As a committee it was decided that we will make Bill a honorary Life Member as a token of our thanks.

Kate Jarvis the clubs secretary has also stepped down after 6+ years taking the minutes and having the task of keeping the meetings documented in a timely manner from Me and the whole Committee we wish you the very best.

The committee it’s self have now filled key roles needed and we will update the committee members section this week so you all can see the network of hard working volunteers who ultimately will be the assets in assisting me move the club into a even stronger and greater club than it already is and that is something we are all very proud and eager to do! I would like to thank all the long standing committee members as well as the new who have taken the time out from work and family commitments to help build this club moving forward.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we very much look forward to seeing and hearing from you in the future

Tight lines


All the best


Danny Parkins

Exeter and District Angling Association