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Illegal activities EDAA

** Attention **

Over the last couple days we have been notified of nets/traps on EDAA waters club officials and members have been at the scene and items have been dealt with accordingly.

Now it is very important that in the case of these sort of issues such as netting/traps or general bad practice it’s imperative that these matters are reported at the time ensuring relevant information is passed on the the EA via the correct procedures.

Environment Agency Hotline – 0800 80 70 60

This needs to be done at the time of incident…. Now we can hear you all moaning “but I never hear anything back – nothing gets done” you can now request as part of the reporting procedure a “call back” where you will be kept up to date with the issues you have reported. It’s very important that these issues are reported so that the teams have a historical idea on problems and in turn can build cases as and when.
It’s simply not good enough to moan about the issues and then to not to bother reporting them as the more we voice the various issues the more the eyes will be on our waters.

Best regards
EDAA team