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New Waters!

Good Evening!

Following on from previous information we “teased” we’d like to share with you all the fabulous news!

EDAA are now members of the SLAC (Somerset levels association of clubs)

With over 10 miles of Drains and River bank now fishable with your EDAA ticket you have access to fabulous Chub, Silvers, Tench fishing as well as great predator sport with the Perch and Pike!!

The venues are detailed here in these maps and In the coming week we will update our media with more information.

This is a huge win for every member of the club! We not only have our own great fisheries but now you can head up the M5 and enjoy year round sport (around the closed season)

Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming this week and please enjoy! Below are the maps of available beats

SLAC Water Map 1SLAC Water Map 2

All the best

EDAA team