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We welcome members opinions

So the new rules have achieved something that your club has needed for a long time. Interaction from its members. It is a real shame that you leave your committee to deal with all of the problems at our venues without offering much in the way of support. This is your club and healthy interaction is good. The catfish rules are not open for debate as this is something that should have happened years ago. All the paperwork is in order and the Sampford option is the only one that avoids the need to cull the species which we know would not be palatable to our members. It also gives those who fish for them a sensible compromise rather than moving them elsewhere that they can not fish.

The Kiln wall rules were agreed by a majority and the initial proposal was brought by a member for us to consider. It was made more relevant by the recent continual problems caused by members including altercations with the public which of course we have to deal with too on your behalf. It is a shame that some of our members find it so hard to act responsibly. In turn this has a negative impact on our fisheries and invokes complaints from anglers and members of the public.

This past year we have had complaints of defecation at our fisheries. Verbal confrontation between members & the public. Damage to your property. Anglers litter & waste which is a continual problem etc etc.

Maybe instead of getting angry you do something constructive & help us alleviate some of these issues.

You could

Appoint a representative who can bring your proposals to the next committee meeting 14th March and we will happily consider them.

Your proposal will need to consider how we stop the constant issues. How we encourage responsibility How we encourage fair access to all members. How we deal with people who will not adhere to your proposals. There is a lot to consider and whoever you appoint will need to bring their proposal in a formal non aggressive manner otherwise they will not be considered. A suggestion would be that you appoint someone who can represent you regularly. (there is room on your committee for this)

We invite you to become part of the solution. Please do make your representation in the first instance to