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** closed season **

** Closed Season **

Good morning
Just a quick reminder that today is the last day of the river season for Coarse Fishing.
We hope you all have enjoyed the very varied season from record low waters levels to flooding and everything on between it was certainly a season to remember!
Just a remember that as of tonight the rivers on all EDAA beats will be closed to fishing with the exception of the 13 beats we have taken on for Salmon and Sea Trout. We will share more information on this tomorrow but anyone wishing to target the migratory species need to contact us expressing interest by emailing and the relevant information will be sent over.

The E.A. will be planning patrols on local areas and we as a club will support and work with them regards to the management of the Coarse Closed Season.

We have lots of still water and the canal where you can still fish and we hope you all enjoy the seasons changing and the warmer weather as spring rapidly approaches

Any questions as always please do get in touch
Best wishes
EDAA team