Harpers Ponds

Brief description of fishery:

The top lake is establishing well despite the dry conditions during the summer months. Some fish species have been stocked to this lake prior to the opening of the site in late spring of 2011. We want to ensure that we don’t get any non-native plants or fish species in the lakes so please don’t put anything in from your garden pond. Garden pond plants can easily be managed on the small scale but in a large lake can be very destructive. Also goldfish and other fish species from the ornamental trade often carry novel diseases which can kill native fish.

This project was funded by Environment Agency Rod Licence Sales and a contribution from Exeter & District Angling Association.

Special Rules for this fishery:

•As per the Association handbook
•No keepnets without permission
•Limit of 1 Kilo groundbait
•No fish to be removed from this water
•No close season

Access & Parking

Park in the first Double Locks carpark, cross over the canal and go to the right, the gate is about 50M on the left. This is suitable for Wheelchair access.