River Culm - Beare Gate

Brief description of fishery:

The Association fishing on the River Culm at Beare Gate runs more or less parallel with the M5 motorway; our fishing rights start approximately 1,000 yards downstream from the Hele paper mill/level crossing near Bradninch, the actual beginning The River Culm has a good head of pike, dace, chub, roach & gudgeon, with carp in places. The Culm is ideally suited to the roving angler. During the summer months many anglers tend to fish between the many weed beds found in mid-river, employing this method can produce large catches of dace, chub, and roach & gudgeon. The Culm offers excellent fishing for the pike angler, particularly in the winter months, again roving being the favourite approach. Whilst for the adventurous carp angler it might prove worthwhile to fish the mill race as during the summer months large carp have been seen there.

Season: 16th June – 14th March.

WARNING: Beware of power lines on this water.

Not Suitable For Disabled Anglers

There are no toilet facilities at this location

Special Rules for this fishery:

As per the Association handbook. EDAA-Season-Handbook

Carp & Pike Rules Apply https://exeteranglingassociation.co.uk/carp-pike-anglers-rules/


The top end of the fishery, (approximately ¼ downstream of the Hele Paper Mill) starts from the railway bridge, downstream, left hand bank until you come to Silverton Paper Mill.