Club News

New Anglers Parking

Good afternoon Members!!

So as you may of seen today was the start of the dedicated Anglers parking at the left hand side of the Water Works. We have cleared the area ready for Plant to come and level/compact the area ready for hardcore and finishing chippings which will create a fabulous Anglers Parking area.

The area will be bordered by posts and chains with a access entrance which will be locked via combination lock and chain. We will then publishing a post to the members to apply for Parking Paperwork which will be displayed on the dashboard (mandatory)

Any cars parking here without the relevant paper work will be clamped and anglers who misuse the area will receive bans from the club.

Moving forward for the next few weeks the work will continue and as mentioned in previous posts there is absolutely NO parking on the road towards the Water Works from the slipway down! This is part of the agreement with the permissions and we as a club are held responsible for the anglers who deem it ok to break this rule! Please support the clubs ongoing commitments in providing for you the members by obeying the simple requests.

Anyone found to be tampering with the work that’s ongoing will be reported to the police (the area is monitored) and anglers will be banned from all waters. Help us help you guys in creating a better anglers experience along the canal.

Thank you to the Committee members who have given up weekend time to invest in the clubs future!

Best regards