Club News

Willows Car Park

Good afternoon Members!

As of today the new parking area “Willows” will be open to the members of the club. We currently have a temporary combination lock on the chains which will be changed in the coming week.
For the access code you will need to contact us here on Facebook or the Website requesting the code and it’ll be given out to members!

The sight is pretty much finished other than some slight cosmetics and signage!
We are very proud of this area and the Willows Carpark should be enjoyed and respected by all the anglers using it! We will not tolerate rubbish or vandalism (the area is monitored) anyone who litters or damages the area will be banned from club waters!

So if you wish to use it drop us a message and we will give you the temporary code.

Thanks again all who helped out and once the new signage and a bit of tlc is finished we have a area we should all be proud of!

All the best EDAA Team