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Positive news – Abbrook

Thanks to all the members who came today in quite miserable conditions to take time out and meet with committee members and discuss various points in and around Abbrook.

With only a few minor areas to look at that need some TLC all of which are super easy and quick to sort and fix. We will be implementing a plan moving forward to ensure these areas do not slip again.

We will be retuning soon to address such areas like the Entrance and improving the areas directly as you walk/drive in, we will address the outlets to ensure they are up to scratch with the EA requirements.

More chicken wire on all the wooden surfaces to limit the slippery nature this time of year and possibly look into the Lillies that take up quite a large surface area.

We have discussed with a couple of associates the inlet at the top and we plan on putting in more of a permanent solution that will limit the issues that it currently suffers.

This season we installed the locker and we will ensure amble kit is stored to maintain the complex with the help of bailiffs and keen members on work parties as we feel it’s important that the members are involved and they can help us maintain the venue.

The on-site portable toilet will have the necessary kit to ensure it’s kept in a cleaner state and hopefully members will be more inclined to keep it nice

Lastly we have identified some dead wood that we will remove to ensure it doesn’t pose the threat moving forward.

All in all a very positive visit and a great sign moving forward with the plans we have for the venue!

All the best and happy new year

Danny – EDAA President 31/13/22