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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Good morning everyone just a couple things we’d like to highlight for the 2023 season moving forward.

When purchasing this years licence you are now also receiving the Night permit and Parking! these are now included within the season tickets price so you no longer need to purchase any extras after you’ve paid for the licence. This is has been a topic of confusion and although it was previously mentioned online we’d like to highlight this fact again as it’s a great positive step for everyone.

Please remember a few essential rules that we have in place at EDAA waters.

– Rule 16 of the handbook

2 rods maximum on any Association water except for Fenneck ponds and which is one rod only. On the Exeter Canal, River Creedy and Weirfield 3 rods can be used-year round, provided and on condition; all rods must be within one swim and must not interfere with other anglers( angler must have the appropriate 3 rod EA rod license ) From october 1st to March 31st 3 rods maybe used at Abbrook.

– Rods must be no more than 3 metres from butt to butt on the outermost rods and angler to be situated within the same “swim” (rods roughly in front of you)

– Rods must NOT be left unattended at any time

– Appropriate nets and unhooking Matt for the species you are targeting for example No pike fishing with a small dish net and likewise we aren’t expecting anglers fishing for Perch etc to be carrying a 30” Pike net. We would like to allow anglers to exercise common sense on this matter. There is a wealth of knowledge online where you can research the appropriate equipment for each styles of fishing.

– Appropriate unhooking equipment eg disgorgers, forceps, pliers to allow safe and quick unhooking of all fish captured.

– Respect other bank users. Our canal stretches and rivers are mostly on public shared land/paths so we need to ensure we are aware of other users.

– ALL litter to be removed and disposed of appropriately in bins where present or taken home.

As always any questions please do reach out and we will be happy to assist where we can

Tight lines for the coming season and all the best.

EDAA Team 3/1/23